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Editing Under Contract

After signing the contract for publishing The Divorce Planner, I started the self-editing process. Every publisher has its own standard formatting for print, although most publishers abide by the Chicago Manual of Style for grammar and spelling.

Formatting addresses how the manuscript looks. I changed margins, removed tabs, added four asterisks between scenes, and deleted extra spaces between periods.

Grammar addresses how the manuscript reads. I evaluated each sentence to correct everything from dangling modifiers to comma splices.

Three weeks later, I sent the manuscript to my editor for a review. Here’s what I received back the next day to correct:

12 instances of “it is”
153 instances of “it was”
12 instances of “there was”
29 instances of “trying to”
57 instances of a comma before “then”

Now after I submit my additional corrections, my editor will schedule a year of edits—from developmental edits to address any issues with the storyline to galley edits in which the final manuscript is examined for any errors before it is printed and released for sale.


As the year winds down to an end, I am happy to announce my latest novel, THE DIVORCE PLANNER, has been accepted for publication by The Wild Rose Press for their later life contemporary romance line, The Last Rose of Summer.

This is the first book written since my divorce. My main character, Darcy Madison, has entertained and consoled me through the ups and downs of unmarried life over the last two years. I’m thrilled to share her experiences as a divorce planner turned wedding planner for her daughter in a comedy of errors that touch on family, friends, divided loyalties, grief, unexpected transitions, natural catastrophes, and the sustaining redemption of love.

Please join me as I document the upcoming journey toward the book’s release.

May you and your loved ones enjoy a happy and healthy holiday. Best wishes for a joyous and prosperous 2018!