A Modern Fairy Tale of True Friendship

The Pet WasherThe Pet Washer by Jennifer Lynn Alvarez
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An amazing story told with benevolence and grace, The Pet Washer is a timeless tale of true friendship for the young and the young-at-heart.

Alvarez weaves a modern fairy tale of grit and determination of an unlikely heroine whose tender heart will capture readers and hold their attention long after The End.

Cianna is a renowned pet washer, known for her ability to clean pets with her homemade soaps and grains. Although she is blind and an orphan, she lives each day with optimism. Her love for each animal she tends is infectious.

When Princess Polly cannot find another princess to replace the sick Princess Mirabel in the Spring Festival dance, she chooses Cianna because her dark red hair matches the color scheme of the dance. But when Mirabel recovers before the big day, Cianna is no longer needed.

Will Cianna be able to forgive the princesses who have befriended her for selfish reasons? And will she still be able to attend the Spring Festival? Read The Pet Washer to find out.

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