Out of balance

Out of Balance - Angela Lam Turpin

Former stay-at-home wife and mother, Beverly Mael, turns her life upside down in Out of Balance, a hilarious new novel about bank shenanigans and underground cyber societies.

Caught between her husband, the ultimate prankster, and her boss, the charmingly seductive President and CEO of Vine Valley Bank, Beverly struggles to keep her husband’s secret and help her boss’s blind ambition without losing her marriage or her job. Floundering through dictation during the day and falling asleep in her dinner at night, Beverly needs to get away from it all.  But a surprise date turns sour when Beverly discovers her unemployed husband has developed a computer program that can change the world—for better or worse.  To complicate matters, the bank’s president keeps lavishing praise on Beverly, giving her the attention she desperately craves from home.  Armed only with a gift for numbers and a steadfast faith in God, Beverly must stop her husband’s pact with the cyber underworld and uncover the truth about World Bank’s false profit before it’s too late.

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2 thoughts on “Out of balance”

  1. I really enjoyed this one. I loved the fact that you put faith into into as an everyday part of Beverly's life. I really felt Beverly's doubt about herself and how she developed into the strong woman she had buried underneath. Communication is everything and she kept strong with her values through this. Great book!

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