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Christmas Angels

I am surrounded by images of angels: praying angels, guardian angels, love angels, wedding angels, and Christmas angels. They remind me of my life’s purpose: to be a messenger of God.

But in the wake of global unrest, political conflicts, and the potential Fiscal Cliff, it is difficult to see the angels in our lives, even during the Christmas season where images of angels abound.
When I drive around the city, I see fewer holiday lights. When I stop at the store, I see fewer lines at the checkout registers. When I stand at the post office, I see fewer boxes being shipped. When I go online, I see fewer messages of holiday cheer.

But if I look closer, past the glitter and glamor of shopping, entertainment, music and lights, I notice there is no room for me to place my unwrapped new toy in the Toys for Tots receptacle because there are too many donations for the receptacle to hold. I overhear more requests for the gift of one’s time rather than a laundry list of retail items from people’s “What I want for Christmas” lists. I taste more sweetness in the lunch with a friend I haven’t seen in years. I feel the firmness of a handshake for the appreciation of one’s company. I smell the pine from the Christmas trees even as I sneeze.

Angels are all around us, not just at Christmas. We may pay more attention to them during the giving season than we do the rest of the year, but they are with us every day. From the bus driver willing to let a late passenger board to the child willing to unload the dishwasher for an overworked parent, angels surround us. It is only our job to listen and hear the messages of love, kindness, joy, comfort, and hope they bring to our lives.

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