Meet Angela Lam (Turpin)

Lam_Author_HeadshotAngela is a San Francisco Bay Area native.

She studied journalism at Northwestern University as a Cherub scholar. She received her B.A. in English and Creative Writing from Sonoma State University.

Her nonfiction articles on real estate, lending, and finance can be found online at  Her short stories, essays, and poetry are published in a number of magazines, newspapers, and anthologies, including The Dollar Stretcher, Foliate Oak , Kenwood Press, The Phoenix, Potpourri, The Sun, The Writer, and Women’s Voices.

When she is not writing, she is either painting, reading, running, or spending time with her family and friends.

To request author interviews or appearances, please contact Eva Zimmerman, Publicist, at evalmzimmerman at gmail dot com or call (510) 292-8678.

6 thoughts on “Meet Angela Lam (Turpin)”

  1. I am pleased to meet you since your husband saved me from the depths of cyberland and your charming daughter is a budding visionary. I am interested in your unpublished book- length memoir. Before I continue with mine. I recently learned I am a "hack." I came upon this word working my crossword puzzles. I accept that but it does not deter me. After reading Frank McCourt, I reasoned I write in his style and I am going to write my eighty-three years of continuous adventure and then maybe my children will understand me. That's important to me. I need some advice. Two women in my life got me this far with writing. Both are far away now. Will I find your work in the library until I learn where to go in my new venture to learn "the computer?" Joan Dayton

    1. Dear Joan,

      Yes, you can find Legs and Out of Balance at the library.

      Thanks for your sweet words.

      Just write your memoirs from the heart and worry about the editing later. If you need help with polishing your work, a lot of mentors are available, such as Suzanne Sherman, who worked with the award-winning author, Sharon Porter Moxley.

      Best wishes,


  2. Hi Angela, my name is Helen Kraemer and I was the artist whose table was near yours in front of Best Wishes last Summer. I believe you told me about CreateSpace. If that is true, I need to find someone to help me with it. I'd be willing to pay

    Did you buy a sea horse?


  3. Angela I read your article: How to let go of fear and live in peace on tiny Buddha. I actually came across the article because after many years I am in a really content focused place in my life but in certain blissfully focused moments of work or life in general I become very disturbed by something in my past. It’s something that I may need to go back and correct but instead of thinking of it like a task I always think of it with fear in moments where I am afraid that everything I am working for May be snatched away from me. So this makes me feel that the task at hand Which causes me distress is an issue but the fear and worry inside me is a deeper more underlying issue that May or may not remit with this simple task. I feel the fear lies from lack of trust and a judgmental instead of understanding stance but I wonder how can I keep the peace. I would like to talk to you very much,

    1. Chensho,I feel your pain and anguish. It is difficult sometimes to open up to thetask at hand when fear stumbles in your path. I will be more than happyto talk to you off-line.Blessings,Angela

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