Red Eggs and Good Luck

Book Cover

Red Eggs and Good Luck: a Story of Family, Faith, and Following Your Dreams shares one girl’s struggle to discover her identity in a world not ready for cultural diversity.

From Booklist Book Reviews: Lam’s father had two names Chinese and American. Like him, Lam was caught between two worlds growing up, trying to live up to her father’s expectations while seeing the impact his spendthrift ways had on her American mother and two younger sisters. Through family trips and fights, saddled with a fluffy perm and cajoled into wearing far too much makeup, Lam, in her preteen years, must learn how to live for herself, instead of for her father. She seamlessly integrates the immigrant experience throughout her memoir, noting the way her father claims he is Hawaiian to strangers and how the scripted family affairs on his side differ from looser American parties. She vividly draws the personalities, avoiding the trap of presenting her father as defined by his faults. Instead, she shows how his eyes tear up when he cannot afford to buy her the Cinderella doll she wants. It is this complexity that elevates Red Eggs and Good Luck from a rank-and-file immigrant journey to a thoughtful depiction of what can cause families to clash.– By Bridget Thoreson Copyright 2015 Booklist

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